Friday, March 8, 2013

Bumps in the road

I am thinking of this as a bump in the road... not really a setback. My positivity needs me to think that way. I had a PET scan, my doctor called me and wanted to see me ASAP. he told me that there was still some positive activity on the PET in the superclavicular area (area where the first bump was). After reading the literature, it appears that it could be a false positive. However, it is not reall somehing that I am willing to chance at this point. I really need to think about my options. So what are my options? 1) traditional involved field radiation 2) proton radiation therapy. What is proton therapy you say??? Proton radiation therapy targets cancer more accurately. Unlike traditional X-rays, protons can be directed to reach only the areas of the body affected by cancer. As a result, normal, healthy tissue receives less exposure to radiation treatment, reducing the risk of complications. Fewer treatment complications may enable our physicians to deliver higher doses of radiation to the tumor. And this increased dose of proton radiation may improve a patient's chance for a successful outcome. So what does this mean - they hope to kill the bad stuff while avoiding my heart, lungs and breast tissue. This gives me a significantly improved long term outcomes. the only problem is that the best place to go to do this is University of Florida in Jacksonville. So here I am. I had my consultation today. It was good... and hard... and really I just wanted him to say that I don't need it. It is looking like they will say I need it. They gave mea tetative start date - the 18th... as in next week. They also made me a body mold and face mask. It is rather entertaining. My hands are over my head. I am molded into a body mold and then they put mesh on my face to pull it back and hold it in place. I feel like Hannibal lector. They told me I get to keep it after I am done. I will find out on Monday how many treatmnts I will need. It will be 15-28 sessions. Sessions are M-F. So this means any where from 3-6 weeks I will be living in Florida. I am coming and going from the positive side of this. I am really trying to hold onto the positive - I will get a lot of writing done. I will get to meet some new people. As Catherine said - it is a strange sebatical. On the other hand, I am alone... in a small apartment... the nights will be long. I will appreciate all of your continued love and support!!!


  1. I love you. I am sending you so much good mojo, love and every hug I can possibly fit through the tiny electric components of the interwebs. You will beat this!

  2. Lindsey - all of your Arizona family sends more love and support to you in your new surroundings as you take on this next hurdle. Thinking of you and sending all our love and prayers. Fosters and Andersons