Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hair update

I thought it time to give a hair update....

I have begun to realize why we have hair - I know this is a new revelation. I walked outside the other day without a hat. It took me 0.02 seconds to run - actually run - back inside to get a hat. It could have also been that it was -4 degrees outside.

I have come to appreciate other body hair as well - take nose hair for example. Did you know that it keeps the snot in your nose? I remember when I had my septoplasty and I could all of the sudden breathe, but the I also realized I sneeze a lot more. Well without nose hairs I sneeze even more. So add this to the hiccup-burp (herps) and you get the snherps. And yes the all seem to happen at the same time - in the same order - sneeze, hiccup, burp. Round and round and round we go. Also my nose has become a faucet. It drips. Yes it is winter, but it is WAY worse.

I am having a love hate relationship with my head hair. It is growing - now is kinda scraggly. I need to get it cut. Who would have thought I needed a hair cut. But it is also thinner - much thinner. It sticks up in the wrong places... not long enough to spike it but not short enough to comb it down.

Also my eyebrows are finally giving up. I look like I have had a really really good (or bad) tweeze done. They are thin on the corners and nothing inbetween. I think they are all fighting to stay in.

My eyelashes are falling out as well. They seem to fall right into my eyes as well every time they fall out. I put on mascara to day and looked like a really bad stripper or transvestite with clumpy eyelashes. It was bad!! I am not sure what to think of this. The best part is that my mom bought me perminent eyeliner last Christmas - thank goodness! I still have the illusion of eyelashes. Yes it is just hair - but for some reason losing eyebrows and eyelashes make me feel like a cancer patient. At least with just the head hair I could cover it up... guess I am going to have to learn how to draw it on. However, please yell at me if I ever do this....

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  1. You still have more hair than I do. You're almost done. Keep focused on getting completed and cured.