Friday, January 18, 2013

We all have scars

I took this from another persons blog. I could not put it better... This experience has taught me that we ALL have scars. Some are obvious to the eye, and some are hidden, buried, and suppressed within. Life is truly a classroom, we are all being tested and tried. We truly cannot predict what trials we may face, but we can decide INSIDE how we will choose to take it, and what we will decide to do with it. I pray everyday that I am taking this experience and making it a thing of worth and beauty. I am choosing this day to find the VALUE in my scar, and in what this has taught me, my friends and family. Everyday I am humbled by the emails, texts, and phone calls I receive telling me how my adversity has influenced their life for the better. It truly makes me feel so blessed to be a positive part of so many peoples lives. GRATITUDE FILLS MY SOUL... Whether your scars are visible or not count them as a blessing! They are proof that you survived!


  1. Any person ( BBC) who questions Lindsey's resolve and will to defeat this is sorely mistaken. In fact, I find it offensive for anyone to challenge a person who has stood up to incredible diversity. Unsolicited criticism done publicly to someone like my daughter is both unwanted and basically a cheap shot. Please don't give her or any of my family your thoughts or advice. When a person is fighting the fight of their life, they need unconditional support. What compels you to question or any way challenge her puzzles me. I suggest you use your grand thoughts and pontificating advice to yourself. She is a warrior, will win this and spend the rest of her life making a difference with her work and actions.....unlike you.

    1. My post makes no sense unless you know that it was a reply to an anonymous post that questioned Lindsey's resolve. I took issue with it and told this individual what I thought. If I could only meet him.

  2. I can't wait to see you , you are always in my heart and prayers I know that all the positive attitude and all the prayer I know that you are a shining example sofa positive person and a great outlook on life . Love you , Aunt Tena