Monday, December 24, 2012

Things I wish I had

1. Energy. Not 'run a marathon' energy although I wouldn't say no. Simple 'get out of bed' energy would do. I just can't seem to muster it. It's a weird feeling to be lying down and have so many reasons to want to stand up - need to pee, starving, work needs to be done, papers need to be written and you just can't do it. Not even having been lying there for 13 hours.

2. A perfectly functioning gastro-intestinal system. No nausea, no constipation/diarrhea roller coaster, no cramps, hiccups, indigestion, heartburn, farting, burping or, what seem to be the never ending hiccup/burp combos (herps as Kyle calls them) which are a huge hiccups followed immediately followed by a large burp whether you've eaten or not.

3. One thing I could not wish more for is supportive family and friends. Thank you all for all you do....

It's been another relatively rough few days, nausea is definitely lingering longer than it used to. Hopefully tomorrow I will emerge from the fog and, touch the floor, have a few good days before the next hit. 

How simple are these requests? Not too much to ask surely? Be grateful for the little things, one day you wake up and realise they were actually the big things.

1 comment:

  1. Not too much at all. Sending you love and good thoughts.