Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lindsey 3, Cancer 0

See, what cancer doesn’t understand is that I’m the home team, and I’m undefeated. Furthermore, I’ve got the best oncologist in town pitching, and the best chemo nurse anywhere who’s catching. My husband is on first, my brother & Laura at third, my parents are sharing second, Brandy is chasing Bailey around the infield,  and the WHOLE rest of the family is covering the outfield like a volleyball team. I’ve got friends in the stands, friends in the dugout, friends on the street, friends on the rooftops. I’m kicking the crap out of this cancer. It doesn’t even have a chance.

This tumor.... it should really have a name.... hmmmm.... gotta work on that... anyway it has got to be so sorry he climbed in me. He’s getting one express ticket to Tumor Heaven. The loser better enjoy the ride, too, because the ticket set me back more than he’s worth.

It just goes to show, you can’t be friends with a tumor. You invite him over to dinner and before you know it – the guy’s living with you, eating your food and using your hemoglobin without asking. Sooner or later you’re paying some professional to evict this pathetic excuse for an organism. And it’s sad, ’cause the guy can’t even live on his own, he’s just totally dependent on other people. But you can’t blame yourself, you can’t take responsibility for his inadequacies. You just gotta let him go. I mean, what a loser, right?

Treatment #3 was good. They even gave me my same room – how sweet is that? Like I was Liza Manelli looking for the VIP seating or something. The nurses are still nice, and again, I had no complications. They took my blood... I saw the doctor. After reviewing my results, it looks like my white blood cells are a little low...but okay. I will start shots for that next week. But overall, I am doing well. No evidence of lumps. Will do one more treatment and then a scan to see progress. Doing wel!?!? Of course!

I’m the HOME TEAM, baby! Bring it on!

I’ve found out something about myself during all this – well, I’ve found out many things, but this in particular: I am awesome in adversity, it’s monotony that kills me. Strap me up to the chemo IV, I’ll take the pain and the fatigue and I’ll keep smiling, but put me in a cubicle with a pile of paperwork and I’ll never live. Guess this is why I wanted a job with so much diversity in my days... clinic, teaching, research, student questions, patient questions, phone calls, hearing aid reps, faculty meetings ... YEAH I love it all!!!

Now, in all honesty, while I may be feeling particularly cocky tonight, I am not feeling particularly good. Chemotherapy is exhausting, and as I’ve said before, I feel like a truck ran over my soul. But I am going to Batman live tomorrow. And it’s probably because of the steroids, but my mind is blaring out of my mouth at Michael Phelps speeds. I’m like a revved up kid before bedtime. I don’t want to go to bed! Just ten more minutes!


  1. Lindsey....I love your baseball analogy and the thought of naming your tumor. I'm a friend of your dad's. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I can't imagine what you are going through. Your humor and courage are what I expected, I guess. Your dad is always bragging about you and your accomplishments. Sounds like you are giving him something else to be proud of....beating your cancer just might take the cake. I'll look forward to finding out the name of your tumor. Our family is thinking of you. Rhonda M.

  2. Thinkin about you! Love, Alice D

  3. What if I wanna be on third base? Well I guess I should be happy you let me in the game. Keep pitching, honey. You were a winner even before you started. Oh, and I think you choose the right profession too. We're sure to need help soon.
    Love, Mom.

  4. "Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play! Put me in coach I'm ready to play, Today, Look at me , I can be, Centerfield! Yeah, John Fogherty! Bring it on. . . Prednisone/Steroids can be a gal's best friend. . . I know! Energy, munchies galore. but power packed, pump you up, cell fighters, you bet!

    By the way, I think your new "do" actually brings out your beautiful eyes!
    Might just have to order Team Lindsey Baseball Shirts! Love baseball shirts! Go get 'em girl! Your inspiring talk even has me wanting to go hit a few at the batting cage just for the angst factor, if only it wasn't raining! Off to fly in the tube tomorrow, so I'll leave you with another thought/ Bull Durham. . . Kevin Costner....His speech I believe in opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve I believe in long slow kisses . . . well you might have to google or rent the movie for the rest. This is just a pause to get you thinking about what you believe... Remember the funny part about the one player believing he had to breather through the back of his eyelids or something like that! Whatever it takes! Just fight the good fight! You have a World Series following! Keep the candid blogs coming, your Team is ready! Hugs, Kim, Sharkman, :& Carly