Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chemo 1 Day 4: On the up-swing

I am definitely on the up-swing of this chemo session. I slept about 18 hours yesterday. All I did was sleep. It was pretty pathetic. I did, however, shower - which I am sure you all are glad to hear. It was that kind of tired/slight nausea where you have gotten up very early for a flight, flew around the world and all you want is your bed. You are sore from sleeping in a chair (not first class kind if sleep..... not that i would know what that is like anyway). Add in that all you have gad us pane food and you know you should eat something, but nothing really does sound edible..... That is how I felt.

Today I slept in, we had breakfast of french toast. It took me about an hour yesterday to eat my 2 eggs for breakfast. Today it only took me a total of 45 minutes to eat 1 piece of french toast and 2 sausages. Kyle is making sure that I am getting protein so that I don't just eat mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. Although those are sooooo good and easy to gum down. Last week I got to play a patient named Emma for interprofessionals day. She was older with dementia, tired and her dentures did not fit so she liked "sauce" (apple, peach, etc). I felt a lot like her.  Still kinda do.

My jaw hurts something crazy!! I am not to sure about this. It is strange. My tongue bursts and my jaw feels like my wisdom teeth were taken out again. Because of all this I am a drooling machine. Like baby teething drooling. I wake myself up from the wet spot on my pillow. What the heck?? Definitely not one of the side effects I expected.

So what have we learned from this round of chemo. 1) I have awesome friends and family! Well I already knew this but this only confirmed it. 2) I don't have as much nausea as I thought. 3) I am going to be really tired and going to have to listen to my body a little more. 4) my jaw is going to hurt and i am going to feel like a 8 month old. 5) I can do this. I may not want to but it is feasible.

I feel like I am 60%. So.... If you take I was feeling 75% on Thursday. And about 30% Friday and 10% Saturday and tomorrow will be better.... Overall it is a combined of about 2.5 days of feeling like total poo.... So if I take that and multiply it by 7 more chemo treatments it is really only 2 weeks of feeling like poo..... I can do that. Math - it is my friend.

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  1. You and Kaitlyn can commiserate while we're there! I wake up in her drool puddle.