Friday, October 19, 2012


Well I had surgery today... why  not another surgery :) ... no big deal.
They hopefully un-kinked my port so that it actually works. I was pretty tired when I came home so I took a really long nap.

I am still feeling pretty good - I feel kinda like I have butterflies in my stomach  but that is the extent of the nausea. Oh and my jaw hurts. I am a little worried that this means my jaw is going to fall off - haha just kidding. Although it would ruin my career, I am not sure it would upset Kyle too much.

So un-kinked, is this the same as un-hinged?? I don't really know. I may have become un-hinged. I did after all go out and buy a Snuggy. It is really really ugly, but great for chemo. I can take it off and they can adjust stuff, but i can still have my hands and work while staying warm. I think Kyle may divorce me if I use it at home though.

I think that I have earned my good karma for the rest of my life... and my brother has too. I mean really - really - this sucks!! I figure there is also good karma by proxy - so Kyle and Laura and my parents are good too. And while we are spreading it around... how about all the rest of you as well.

I am sitting here, kinda in pain from the surgery. They had to go back into the same incision. Man - it was just starting to heal and I could really use the arm, have range of motion and really sleep on that side again. I have to eat something though so I can take a pain pill or else THAT would make me sick. I know the chemo doesn't but the pain pills do. So Kyle made me a bagel with jam and tea. Kinda makes me feel like English Tea Time. I had a bowl of amazing broccoli-cheese soup earlier. Wow!! I could bathe in it, it was soooo good. Although that would probably not be so good for my incision, or other parts of me for that matter and well then I couldn't eat it... but you know what I mean.

Okay well my ramblings are done for today ... off to dream land again.

Oh and I just wanted to say how proud I am of my friend Elaine for successfully defending her dissertation today! I was thinking about you all day! YEAH!!!!

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