Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Round 1: Lindsey - 1 Cancer - 0

After I gave a midterm, we went to chemo. I met with the doctor and he showed me my PET scan (animal pictures according to Kyle). It is exactly what I thought. Mostly on the right. Above the collar bone in my chest down the center mostly on the right but some on the left. Definitely stage 2.

They hook up my port and it doesn't work. It won't flush. So they send me to X-ray. It saw my hose is twisted. So that will need to be fixed.

They start an IV. I get my drugs. I get all nausea stuff. I am not allergic to any of them and I feel fine. They pump me full of chemicals and we go home. Oh and 1/2 way through I send Klein out for a turkey sandwich I was hungry. One home, I had what I Thought was my first side effect. My stomach hurt and I was woozy..... But I think it was the Mexican food from last night. It was my typical stomach from that so that is good. Over all I feel good; I don't feel like I just got chemo. I will lay low for a few days. Lets see how it goes. Definitely not going to push it too hard.

Love you all and appreciate the emails, cards, calls and texts. I can feel the thoughts and prayers working.

Oh and I graded the midterm while doing chemo.... The students did well..... Overall a good day.

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