Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The upsides of cancer

While this journey royally sucks there has to be some good that is coming out of it.

I am trying to be more introspective. This blog is definitely one way of doing that.

Since I am tired, I don't have energy to talk all the time... I listen more... this is definitely good.

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by friend that make up my whole lifespan..... from my "oldest" friends to my college friends to my real job friends. It sure does make a girl feel special.

I love getting the cards and the emails from my family. It is so wonderful to know that so  many people are rooting for me.

My parents are coming! I am so excited to see them. I will see them in Sept, Oct AND Nov... that has not happened in YEARS!!

My husband took time out of his busy day today and went and got a flu shot - just so I didn't get sick.

I may have lost a little weight from this as well.

I am pretty sure if I can handle the nausea and pain from this my first trimester of pregnancy is going to be a breeze.

The "flu" does not seem that bad as it only happens once - not every 2 weeks.

This will be a true test of my willpower. The willpower it will take to walk back into that chemo room to be pumped full of poisen fully knowing what I will feel like on the other side... that is willpower - thus next time I am offered chocolate cake while on a diet - there will be no need to test my willpower - it will be rock solid!!

Oh and I have decided to think of it instead of 1/8 done that I am 1/2 way done with my first of four cycles.... sounds much better to me.


  1. You rock, girl! We're so excited to see you in just 5 days.
    Love you and that awesome husband of yours! Mom

  2. You are amazing! I'm inspired by you and your attitude! I love you so much! Kyle rocks, too!