Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Right, I am now officially a wig expert. As hair loss is one of the biggest side effects of all chemo-therapies, I think it is worth a mention or even a whole blog post! Not all chemos cause hair loss. Most cause some degree of hair thinning. Also all people react differently. I'm told I have a 90% chance of losing 50% or more of my hair. On the other hand, eyebrows and eyelashes may or may not also go (Eeeek!) as well as all other body hair I sure hope anyway (so long gilette venus my old friend, I will not miss YOU). What is the point of chemo if not that you don't have to shave your legs. A very good friend, on hearing my diagnosis, pointed out that I have spent thousands on hair removal. Stupid move, would have come out anyway. Hilarious, I love her.

Once chemo is over, my hair will regrow. Very fine at first, they call it chemo hair. This needs to be cut 3-4 more times and my own hair will return. It will take 12-18 months to get chin length hair. Wowzers. Should have enjoyed my hair more.

At this moment, I feel OK about the hair loss - once I cut my hair off I am better now. When it comes to the day it starts coming out, or the day to shave my head I will not feel OK about the hair loss. Simple as that.

So Kyle and I went to the wig place in Sioux Falls. A strange sort of environment, wigs everywhere, alopecia and chemotherapy patients. Overall a nice vibe though weirdly enough. It was quite strange to see all the wigs everywhere...

So, wig choices are: synthetic (don't need styling, cheaper, cant be worn past shoulder length as they get tangled and matted when rubbing against clothes) or real human hair (need to be washed and styled, can be any length, lasts 2 years). So I decided to try both. The worst part about this was when she put it on they don't sit right because of all my hair.

What I settle on: I don't know if I am going to get a wig at all. I think I may just rock the hat and scarf look. They just don't feel right and really they are not going to make me look or feel less sick. We went to the really really nice place, too. Actually went to a few places - the first much nicer than the others. If I were to get one it would be very expensive and nice, but I am not convinced I need or what it.

I did consider or not I would be freaked out my having someone else's hair on my head or not. Going to try not to think about it. Also, wondering whose hair this was and why they sold it. She told me most the hair was Indian hair. What kind of life must they have to spend years growing this hair to sell. Made me feel very lucky.

Moral of the story, appreciate your head hair, don't waste money on removing your body hair :)

oh and while I have not decided if I am going to get one...... Here are some pictures.

Brunette - really cute color... not sure about the cut - too much in my eyes

Liked the feel of the hair - WAY too blonde - would go darker, but this one could be cut to any shape.

Old lady hair... this one is synthetic and way to thin - you could see my hair underneath which meant that you would be able to see my scalp without hair. I did not like this one.

Red head - this is the same "hair" as the blonde one....


  1. I like the blonde (pending cut and color) and the red one :) I also support the hat/scarf look! <3

  2. I like the first one, just get that hair out of your face...however I, too, fully support the hat/scarf look fully!!

  3. I think you should get a Burka. Or maybe even a habit or turban. The biker chick scarf with leather jacket might be a good look too....sense of humor with lots of love....Aunt Lisa