Saturday, October 6, 2012

Onward and, well... southward

When I woke up this morning, for the first time in over a week, the big "c" word was not my first thought... My first thought was actually - it is cold in here. Hello winter!! Which I guess is a "c" word, but not the big one.

Second thought was - oh I need to get up and make breakfast so we can go to Omaha.
My third thought was - I have cancer.  So I guess this an improvement.

Kyle said to me early last week that this is going to consume some of our days and it is something that we are both going to think about every day but it is not going to be our every day. I am sticking to that. He is amazing and so right! I need to be me and not the cancer girl.

It is still the little things that remind me that I have cancer - stupid things - like I was making coffee and counted the Keurig cups we had. I thought oh good, we kept the non-flavored coffee for when my parents come at Thanksgiving. Oh wait, they are coming early as well so do we need to get more. Oh they are coming because I have cancer. I don't want to sound ungrateful that they are coming - I am both excited and very very happy - but it is those kinds of things that I am trying to get away from associating with this awful disease. It is a work in progress....

So we are going to Omaha - to the Zoo, Trader Joes, Costco and, of course, Cabellas and Bass Pro Shop. What trip would be complete without a trip to those two places ;) We are picking up my friend Sunny who will be coming up here for a week. I am excited to have her here!!

Trying to find some normalcy in my new normal.

Oh and this morning during breakfast I read an article on hearing aids and NOT cancer!!! Yes!!!

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  1. For what it's worth, I think you're doing great with this. I love what Kyle said about this not being your every day and so happy that you two are able to embrace that and keep living! We can't wait to see you soon!