Friday, October 26, 2012

Today is a good day

Today I feel better. I have not felt well for the past few days.

On Wednesday, I lost the battle of not throwing up. Actually lost it during class. I did not feel well in the morning. I thought I needed to eat something. I ate. I got sick in the middle of class, excused myself, threw up and then went back and taught the rest of my class.

I am not sure if it had to with the fact that I had not taken my nausea meds or that I was so backed up. This really does back up your system. I took a lot of Senecot and MiraLax... they are not miracles. They did not work well for me. Oh well - guess it had to either go up or down. I ended up taking a nap in my office on the 3 inch foam pad Kyle brought in just for that occasion. I needed the nap.

On Thursday i was feeling better - still a little queasy, but better.  I assume this is what the first trimester of prenancy is like. A little queasy. Not nauseated enough to throw up but enough that you are aware of the smells and foods you eat.

Today is better. I have felt pretty good all day long.  I think I am going to keep taking my anti-nausea meds. I guess I need them more than I thought.

According to Web MD - the most reliable medical source :) , the things that make you more prone to nausea are:
  • Getting high doses of chemotherapy drugs
  • Getting certain chemotherapy drugs intravenously instead of by mouth, since it will be absorbed more quickly
  • Getting frequent treatments -- the less time you have to recover between treatments, the greater your risk of nausea
  • Being a woman
  • Being younger than 50
  • Having a history of motion sickness
  • Being prone to vomiting when sick
  • Not drinking alcohol

  • Really I fit all of these - and we all know how little alcohol I can handle... So the moral of the story is - drink more so that if you get cancer you won't be as sick from the chemo because you built up your tolarance.


    1. You are a wise woman. I shall drink more in the event that I may need chemo in the future.

    2. Cheers! A couplLe of glasses of wine as suggested by Dr. Lindsey. Aunt LKR

    3. That is pretty similar to the first trimester except I was actually throwing up constantly. Girls supposedly do that to you.

      I'm glad you're on the upswing! :) Sending you my love and Kaitlyn sends her baby babble. Garrett sends his prayers (I think BMT made him more religious).